Rational Thinking: Part Two

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Opening my own firm

In February of 2006, I decided to open my own consulting firm called CDEXUS Corp. My tenure with Binary Tree was the first corp-to-corp agreement for my business.

The second corp-to-corp agreement for CDEXUS was with Open Systems Technology. When I decided to leave my position with State Street Global Advisors, it left an opening. Now as a new consulting firm, I knew there was no way I was going to be able to fill that opening directly, but I knew of a company that could; Open Systems. I had the candidate to fill the position already lined up and Open System had the available position to fill. So this is how CDEXUS gained its second employee.

There was one more employee that worked for CDEXUS before closing the doors in December 2008. I had partnered with Sophelle to fill a position they had open with BJ’s Wholesale.

Did you catch the gap in coverage for me?

Well, in October 2006 I left IBM once again. Big Blue is a unique company to work for and I had discovered upper management had been questioning the direction of the migration. This was not something in my control, but sensing a potential shift in priorities for IBM, I had to do what was right for my family and stay employed. An opportunity had presented itself and I took it.

So in October 2006, CDEXUS accepted its 4th corp-to-corp agreement and I did consulting for Surrex Solutions to work at ITG (formerly known as MacGregor), an investment software company.

Owning your own business is a great experience. It taught me many things and demanded many hours. There is a sacrifice one must make to be successful in business and that sacrifice can take its toll on the loved ones close by. After almost 3 years and in a down sizing economy, I made the decision to close CDEXUS and go back to work full-time.

In October 2008, I accepted full time employment for EMC out of Hopkinton, Mass as a Principal Software Engineer on their Centera team. This role was mainly a ClearCase role where I was brought in to support the highly customized ClearCase environment, which had been 100 percent automated by the Belgian team. EMC was making cuts and the Belgians were on the list. So I went to Mechlen for two weeks to learn first hand all about their custom environment.

After 2 years supporting this environment and realizing EMC was never going to take serious the thought of upgrading to the latest technologies, despite an ROI analysis, where I showed millions in savings, I left.

The environment was so customized that there ended up being not much work you could do day to day other than supporting the users and new hire training. As EMC went into a hiring freeze, the day to day was getting slow. In my final year at EMC, I took a bunch of courses on Perl programming and had been working closely with the Lab Engineering team, whom my manager also managed.

EMC was getting ready to move half of their data center to RTP and the other half up the street. This meant lots of IP address and system configurations needing updates. So I took what I had learned about Perl and wrote a 400 line Perl script that automated the process of changing IP Addresses regardless of the platform the script was run on.

Changing times
October 2010. Times have changed so much. My wife and I decide we are tired of Massachusetts, irritable people and poor weather. Her parents lived in Florida in a city called Cape Coral.

We decided to make the move. In June of 2010 I moved my wife and kids to Cape Coral Florida into half a duplex her father owned. Since I was still working, I stayed in Massachusetts for 6 more months before I could make the move myself to Florida.

During those 6 months (Oct 10’ to Mar 11’), I decided it was time to open another business to get me through the transition. Welcome to CDEXUS SCM Corp. Here I did 3 small corp-to-corp engagements for US Forestry Service in VA (Demo of ClearCase LT), Hillsborough County Schools in FL (unix to Windows ClearCase LT to ClearCase migration) and Chubb Insurance in NJ (ClearQuest Schema work).

In January of 2011, I was hired as a full-time employee for a consulting firm called SCM Solutions.

While employed by SCM Solutions, I worked on a 2-week ClearQuest engagement for Bank NY Mellon in NY, a 2-year process and tools implementation for Hilton Worldwide and a 1-year implementation for using RTC in a SAFe Agile environment for BCBS NC.

I left SCM Solution in September 2013. One of the hardest decisions I ever had to make. I had made decisions to open and close companies, decisions to leave IBM, twice! Decisions to move my family 1500 miles away. But none of those were tougher on me than the decision to leave SCM Solution.

The President of SCM Solution is Afshin Bozorgzadeh. I cannot say enough positive remarks to tell you what kind of a person Afshin is. I know you are all thinking it’s a business decision, but being a part of SCM Solution meant being family. Afshin always went above and beyond to make my family and I feel welcome and in good hands. I hold my strongest feelings for the 3 years I enjoyed working for Afshin and I thank the team at SCM Solution for this.

In September 2013, I accepted a position as SVP for Citigroup where I remain happily employed today.

Additional thanks
I would like to thank everyone that has ever worked with me and that I have had the opportunity to work with. It has always been a part of me to learn something new every day. A lot of this comes from meeting new people. I have met so, so, many people in my journey. Just too many to thank in an article but those who know me and have worked with me know who you are.

Each of you holds a special place in my heart and those memories will never fade. This blog is my way of saying THANK YOU to so many of you that have helped me in my journey, which continues to this day.

Peace! Love! Sharing! Joy! Pride!

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