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Big Byte: Understanding the Fundamentals of Agile Part II

Last week I outlined some of the key elements of Agile. This week I would like to touch a bit on how to form Agile teams, plan an effective transition strategy and deal with roadblocks. I also make a direct comparison of Agile vs. Waterfall. Do you have anything to add? I invite you to […]

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Big Byte: Understanding the Fundamentals of Agile Part I

Below you’ll find an outline of the Fundamentals of Agile that I’ve compiled from my own experiences as well as other sources. It’s a valuable primer for someone who is new to Agile and an essential refresher for those who are familiar with the process. Next week I’ll post Part Two which will relate to […]

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Tech for Good: A life-saving robo-ape

(Photo via JPL) Plenty of buzz has been going around on the internet about the RoboSimian, a multi-limbed ape-like device with the potential to assist in crisis situations. According to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory website “RoboSimian will use its four general purpose limbs and hands, capable of both mobility and manipulation, to achieve passively stable […]

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Camping at Cayo Costa State Park

Happy Sunday! Here are a couple photos from my recent camping trip to Cayo Costa State Park. What’s your favorite place to get away from it all? Share your favorite getaway in the comment section or connect with me on Twitter. 

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