Mike’s Picks of the Week of April 6-12


What did you find interesting on the internet this week? Share your favorite read in the comments section or connect with me on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Here are my top picks:

1. This infographic from Visual.ly shows what agile is and who is adopting it. It gives good insight on the size of firms using agile and how they are using it. Visual.ly has a lot of interesting graphs and videos including this one about the life cycle of the dreaded computer virus.

2. Really good read here about the top ways to becoming a better leader. There were some interesting tips including “encouraging employees to disagree with you.” “If all you hear is how great you’re doing, that should be a danger sign,” says executive coach Ray Williams.

3. If you’re interested in ways to get started with scrum make sure you check out this post from TechWell. “Team morale can increase while project cost decreases.”

4. Are your kids getting to be about that age when they should start learning about money and finances? Business Insider released 10 tips for teaching kids about money. No surprise that a piggy bank still makes the list.

5. I’m sure by now you’ve heard about the latest virus to rock computers all over the world. If you haven’t or want to learn a little more about HeartBleed, check out this read which includes tips for protecting your data.

Image(Part of the Visual.ly graphic about agile business)

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