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My journey to becoming a certified SAFe Program Consultant

If you told me a year ago I would be getting a certification in an Agile Framework, I would have looked you in the eyes and said ‘I am primarily a tools guy.’  While I do love the art of process, my history has primarily been with tooling. If you follow my blog, you will […]

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Big Byte: Understanding the Fundamentals of Agile Part II

Last week I outlined some of the key elements of Agile. This week I would like to touch a bit on how to form Agile teams, plan an effective transition strategy and deal with roadblocks. I also make a direct comparison of Agile vs. Waterfall. Do you have anything to add? I invite you to […]

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Big Byte: Understanding the Fundamentals of Agile Part I

Below you’ll find an outline of the Fundamentals of Agile that I’ve compiled from my own experiences as well as other sources. It’s a valuable primer for someone who is new to Agile and an essential refresher for those who are familiar with the process. Next week I’ll post Part Two which will relate to […]

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Decomposing SAFe’s Big Picture

My article this week is about SAFe, which stands for Scaled Agile Framework. The Scaled Agile Framework is a method that can be applied to Agile software development and is created by Dean Leffingwell. Dean is also known as the author of a few books such as “Agile Software Requirements” and “Scaling Software Agility.” For […]

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How did you get started with Product and Process?

Has anyone ever mentioned the two P’s to you? Product and Process? These are two words I have kept in my mind since my early days with Rational Software. I always believed if you could be good in both areas, then you would be seen as one step above many. It seems that most people […]

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Rational Thinking: Part Two

Missed Part One? Read it here. Opening my own firm In February of 2006, I decided to open my own consulting firm called CDEXUS Corp. My tenure with Binary Tree was the first corp-to-corp agreement for my business. The second corp-to-corp agreement for CDEXUS was with Open Systems Technology. When I decided to leave my […]

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Rational Thinking: Part One

In my last post you read a little about how I got my start in this industry. Now I would like to elaborate on my Rational Software-specific experience. It all began about 13 years ago when I started my career with Rational Software in April 2000. I was a ClearCase Technical Support Engineer (TSE) working […]

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